Enjoy Essential: Little Boys Graphic Tees

I decided to go with a more cohesive look for my website, Enjoy Essential. Luckily, I found the worlds cutest little boy, Roman, to model my clothes. I've known his mom for a few years now and she told me how outgoing he was, and she was so right. Immediately he said "Hi Cady, I'm Roman! I'm so excited about this!" which is basically anyone's dream come true when thinking about finding the right kid to show off your entire line of boys clothing. So here's a little glimpse of our shoot, and my way of pimping my products ;)

Selfie {unisex} here, $16.99

Mo Money {unisex} here, $17.99

Young & Wild {unisex} here, $15.99

I Woke Up Like This {unisex} here, $16.99

Hustler Haul: Cotton On

Last year I went to a fall basket exchange party and the girl who made my basket had included this gray knit infinity scarf that I literally wore all winter and into spring. She told me it had only cost $6 and that she had gotten it from a store in our outlets called Cotton On. I made myself a mental note to go visit the store and of course, never did. Fast forward to a year later, a friend of mine was wearing the best off-the-shoulder sweater ever and she said she had gotten it for $11 at Cotton On. I'm a HUGE online shopper and I love a good deal, so I instantly hopped on the computer and fell in love immediately.

I headed to the sale section and found myself a fantastic haul of items for $60. Yes, everything you see above for $60, including shipping! Thats two knit sweaters, two loose tanks, a loose flow top, a scarf and shoes! I am such a hustler when it comes to online shopping. My husband hates it, but guess what- I don't! Ha!

Cady's Tip of the Day: For every item of clothing I buy, I get rid of at least one. So today when I head back into my house, I will be finding at least seven articles of clothing to get rid of to make room for these.

All of a sudden, winter fashion is exciting me!

Here are some of the items I grabbed for a super deal:

great tank for wearing under sweaters and cardis
Yes you read that right! Three bucks!

I got this in gray and charcoal because they're so cute!

I didn't even need a coupon code for these great prices, but they usually give 30% off a purchase if you sign up for their emails... just saying!! Enjoy!

Hello Mrs. Blog Ladies in My Tees!

About six months ago, I randomly started following Alexa of Hello Mrs. Blog after finding her on the Three Bird Nest website... and Instagram... and Etsy... basically on everything they've ever posted. She's gorgeous! I loved her photos and very boho-chic style. She's great at putting together unexpected items and making them look super on-point. She started a blog with her other newly-wed friend Danielle, who shot her amazing wedding photos. This is definitely a primo-pair for great outfits and photos!

Last week I reached out to Alexa to see if she wanted to shoot some outfits, and she said it was perfect timing because Danielle was on her way into town for them to work on their blog! She picked out these shirts to match their styles, and because we're all in NorCal, they got their package just in time. And I am so glad, because I love what they've done with them so far!

They will be posting more ways to style these tees over the next week or so, so make sure to check out their blog for more inspiration!

Pin-spiration: Baked Potato Bar

I am planning a huge "Girls Night In" and Winter Basket Exchange for next month and have been coming up with fun ideas for food. Because I have girls who are vegetarian, gluten-free and semi-paleo coming, I wanted to choose a dinner that worked for pretty much everyone. I mainly just need any excuse to make a super loaded bowl of chili so... I know what I'll be eating!

I scoured Pinterest for the best inspiration for this baked potato bar idea and stumbled across some awesome ideas! Enjoy

It may seem silly, but I have major trouble making baked potatoes. I always feel like they don't cook all the way through, or I burn them sometimes too! SO I had to pin this so I could do them perfectly the first time around!

The presentation of this one was amazing- so colorful and healthy!

And to feed my inner fat kid... OBVIOUSLY this looks like heaven!

Brands I Love: Younique

Girl. Do you use Younique yet? If not, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! For real. Younique has THE BEST PRODUCTS- better than anything I've gotten from Benefit or Mac... and I am a big time cosmetics girl!

I discovered Younique on accident. My girlfriend Stefanie was hosting a Facebook party and I assumed it was one of those scam hosted parties what offer shitty quality makeup for a high price, but somehow found myself roped into buying a mascara for $32. When she dropped it off, I tried it and HOLY CRAP, was it worth it. My eyelashes were all of a sudden an inch long... literally. I measured.

Their lip glosses be poppin for sure too. Better than Mac, long-lasting, very pigmented colors and sheer colors too. The glittery pink one doesn't have granules in it so your lips aren't irritated by them at all. I swear by these products and I promise you- I am a customer, not a member of the network. I don't sell these products nor am I compensated by the company, I just love them.

Here's who I buy mine from!

Brands I Love: Twinkle Twinkle Lil Jar

I had the luck of "meeting" Lexi of @twinkletwinkleliljar back when she had a couple thousand followers, and when I checked her ig today, she was up to 11k! This thrills me because I really, really love her products and use them all. the. time.

She makes these gorgeous custom tumblers. Don't judge me on the "haters gonna hate" thing... I was going through some insta-bullying and was feeling like throwing a lil shade at the time of ordering! Haha! The other side has my monogram in hot pink and I just love it.

Clearly so does my dog- he's bowing down to the glitter tumbler queen. 

Really, Crash? I don't think you need the caffeine bro.

Sorry, Lexi, I know this was totally not your intention for this to be used as a dog tumbler... but he's so cute right?! Anyway, she makes so many different options from this style of tumbler to coffee mugs, travel mugs, even baby zippy cups! And the best part is that the glitter DOES NOT COME OFF. It doesn't flake at all! Just don't put it in the dishwasher because you won't have any glitter left.

Freaking YUM: Kinda Creamy Orzo with Ham

If you know me, you know I like three foods above all else:
  • Carbs
  • Peas
  • Meat
Combining them is like the best idea ever. So this recipe I threw together last night combines all the things I love in a far skinnier version of any "creamy orzo" recipe you'll ever find on Pinterest.

What You'll Need (I don't measure anything... sorry bout it!)
  • Small ham from the meat section, cooked or uncooked- I still cooked mine!
  • 2 eggs
  • Half a bag of frozen peas... oh that's just me? Ok like a cup works
  • Leeks (or you can omit these, I just love their unique flavor)
  • Orzo (I am guessing I used about 1.5 cups)
  • Chopped white onion
  • Tbsp olive oil (I infuse mine for a few weeks with cloves of garlic... you're welcome)
  • 1/2 a cup of half + half or milk
Get a pot of water boiling and start the orzo. Cook it al dente so it's not cooked all the way through. Then immediately run it under COLD water to stop the cooking process and set aside.

While the orzo boils, dice the ham to your desired size. The ham I bought was pre sliced which made my life so much easier!

In a small bowl, crack two eggs and beat until smooth. I like to toss my spices into this because it will really infuse the dish as the eggs make their way through the ingredients. I used pepper, a bit of dill and parsley.

Preheat your oven to 350.
In a skillet, heat the oil and cook the leeks and onions until translucent.

Add in the ham and cook on medium until ham is slightly crispy. 

Add in your orzo and mix well.

Pour the egg mixture in SLOWLY while stirring. If you add in too fast, you will cook the egg and it'll look like fried rice with scrambled eggs... not that that doesn't sound good...
Add in a splash of the half + half or milk. I prefer half + half. And when I say a splash, that's seriously all you need. Mix well and remove from heat.

Pour into a baking dish and spread out evenly. Top with come parmesan if you want... and of course I wanted! Bake for 15 mins at 350, remove and eat! This dish made 4 meals for me this week and seriously is the BOMB DOT COM.